Схема мануал samsung s5620

схема мануал samsung s5620
Please be sure that we regret not being able to fulfill your request. Refer to the Samsung Kies help for more information. Это так же естественно, как восход и заход солнца.

Use the Bluetooth wireless feature Learn about your phone’s ability to connect to other wireless devices for exchanging data and using hands-free features. For the address or the phone number of Samsung Service Centre, see the warranty card or contact the retailer where you purchased your product. Page 45 Connect to Search 1. In Menu mode, select Google → Search. 2. Enter a keyword in the search field.

Add and find contacts Learn the basics of using the phonebook feature. Page 78: Create New Tasks, Create New Memos, Manage Your Calendar Create new tasks 1. In Menu mode, select Task. 2. Select Create task. 3. Enter the details of the task and select Save. Adjust the volume of the key tones In Idle mode, press the Volume key up or down and adjust the key tone volume. Page 8: Install Mobile Phones And Equipment With Caution, Avoid Interference With Pacemakers Handle and dispose of batteries and chargers with care • Use only Samsung-approved batteries and chargers specifically designed for your phone. You can obtain additional accessories from your local Samsung dealer. • The supplied accessories perform best for your phone. The ringer, indicated below by the arrow, needs to be lifted up but remain connected to the circuit board by the red and blue wires.

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