Can-rs485 схема

can-rs485 схема
The result is a framing error because the stop bit never occurs. Resistors couple the surge transient onto the communication line. There are a number of other things to note with this model. These capacitors will act as a short to AC signals. The receiver may recognize any voltage between -200mV and +200mV as a binary value, but different manufacturers can set the threshold where ever they want.

Table 3 shows the protection levels provided by this design. You may not have the polarity you expect. This was done since this protocol is a very common bit format used with serial communications. It does not mean that this protocol is part of the standards or that only this protocol may be used with the 232/422/485 standards. The following protection scheme will protect up to Level 4 surge.

Приемопередатчик сигнала CAN имеет пару выходных транзисторов с открытым стоком и формирует дифференциальные сигналы CANH (VCC – 0.9 В) и CANL (1.5 В). В активном состоянии передатчик формирует доминантный сигнал, представляющий логический низкий уровень. Some thought should be given to changing the technology for really long line lengths. A kilometer of POTS cable can cost a lot, two kilometers twice as much. Termination resistors also reduce electrical noise sensitivity due to the lower impedance.

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