Toyota sprinter cielo схема

toyota sprinter cielo схема
Second generation—E20 series[edit] Toyota Sprinter Trueno (TE27, Japan) Main article: Toyota Corolla (E20) In May 1970, the Sprinter was released as a variation of the second generation Corolla coupe. Contents First generation—E10 series[edit] Toyota Corolla Sprinter (KE15) Main article: Toyota Corolla (E10) The first generation Sprinter was introduced in March 1968 as a fastback version of the first generation Corolla, and sold at Japanese dealership sales channel called Toyota Auto Store. The Sprinter is notable for being used as the base vehicle for two joint projects between Toyota and General Motors in the United States and Australia. Australia[edit] In December 1988, Toyota formed a joint venture with Holden called UAAI to build and market the Toyota Corolla as the Holden Nova. They feature longer bumpers and small red conspicuity lights on the rear quarter panels. Contents The 1.3 liter sedan has a four-speed manual transmission (later all 1.3 liter engines had five-speeds) or a three-speed automatic transmission.

Painted in the same Silver Pearl paint as the rest of the bunch, this compact may not be “sexy,” as Toyota describes it, but it does at least boast some performance upgrades to go with the aesthetic touches. The diesel, while quite slow and with heavy steering, was competitive with similar European cars of the period.[4] From late 1989 the 4A-GE engine in the GTi model was changed from the T-VIS equipped ‘big port’ variant to the non-T-VIS ‘small port’ version. The Corolla E90 was the sixth generation of cars sold by Toyota under the Corolla nameplate. In general, all models departed from the previous generation’s boxy styling for a more contemporary look and improved aerodynamics. Both were sold at the Toyota NETZ Store, which succeeded the Toyota Vista dealer network. The E110 Sprinter was only marketed in the Japanese market as a sedan.

Trim levels are SR5 and GT-S. The GT-S is powered by 4A-GE engine, and comes with full body kits. In 1990 the 4A-GE received a revised cylinder head and intake manifold. The North American models depart from the previous generation’s boxy styling, for a more contemporary look and improved aerodynamics. Cover photo is available under {{ || ‘Unknown’}} license.

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