Схема автомобильный dc-dc адаптер для телефона на az494

Бакалинский В.П., Бугаенко В.В., Цымбал В.П., 1968 книга Система цветного телевидения SECAM. Самойлов В.Ф., 1967 статья Машинист бетоносмесителя передвижного. Their disadvantage is not truly stabilized voltage and often need to load both the two main outputs (5 and 12V) of approximately the same power. After this modification the source stops to shut downwhen in case of short circuit — it enters into current limiting mode. Зельдин Е.А., 1991 Интересные конструкции на миниатюрных модулях. Диод — это PN-переход, который как известно, проводит ток только в одном направлении. Potentiometer regulates the voltage in the range of 3 — 15V. Potentiometer can be replaced by resistor to set constant voltage if needed.

Adjustment resistor divider is seen in schematic below. If the TL431 has the anode resistor (in picture it is 22R), short it. Ред Э., 1990 Справочное руководство по звуковой схемотехнике. The modification to voltage of more than 15V will be much more complicated, you will have to rewind the transformer and replace electrolytes, and so on. home. Цифровой сигнальный процессор SAA7706H для автомобильного аудиокомплекса Микросхемы. From the reference pin (R) resistors leads again to the ground, +5 V, +12 V Moreover, there is a link between the RC reference and cathode, it is necessary to leave. Если диод проводит ток в обеих направлениях, то значит диод нерабочий — пробитый.
Therefore, I present a simple modification of the PC power supply of type AT and ATX to a regulated source of 3 — 15V with the true stabilization and the current corresponding to the original 12V output. Modified supply If you open the feedback, the output voltage can reach 30V or even more (maybe 60V). The electrolytes are rated 16V, so they will explode. Зубчук В.И., 1990 Справочное пособие по высокочастотной схемотехнике. Short the emitter and collector together (they are on primary side). TL431 integrated circuit (in a TO92 packages). The board under TL431. Removed resistor to 5V, connected wire to regulation.

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