Схема лего cash truck 209

схема лего cash truck 209
They soon reassure him that nothing has changed. 9 9 «Lois vs. Pictures don’t do this model justice, that said, here are a couple of pics. But instead of spreading the pests, he has a change of heart and begins to nurture them, only to be overwhelmed when they turn into butterflies and swarm on him. Meanwhile, Dewey uses his new friend’s wealth to get the birthday party he’s always wanted. Craig moves in with the family after they burn his house down to get rid of the cats. In the end, Lois punishes Reese and Malcolm for getting Francis arrested by forcing them to serve Craig. When Reese argues about it believing the money belongs to him, Lois reminds him that it doesn’t. She did only wanted him to head the garage sale because she thought it would give him self-respect and build character.

Although they don’t know who the bully is after, Reese and Dewey go out and take a beating however Malcolm is too scared to do it himself even when it seems he is who the bully is after. Malcolm eventually learns a hard lesson about making time for others when he is trapped within his own car, and nearly succumbs to carbon monoxide poisoning before Stevie saves him. When Mr. Woodward calls to give Lois and Hal the paperwork to reassign Reese to the remedial class, Malcolm busts him, but he also reveals his scheme. Caroline gives birth in the school parking lot when the Krelboynes’ model rocket launch goes awry.

With Spangler’s mother visiting, the academy is free for the cadets, and so Francis invites a group of local girls to a party at Marlin Academy, which they promptly destroy. However, his poor test taking skills lands Dewey in the emotionally disturbed «Busey» class instead of keeping him in the regular class. Malcolm, seeing that he and his brothers cannot fight Lois alone, calls Francis for help against Lois. It is later revealed that Hal burned the dress by accident.

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