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The fodder producers sold to other farmers at that price due to the social ties and kinship among themselves. Продукция сельского хозяйства составляет только 1,4 % ВВП (по данным на 2006 г.), однако такой низкий показатель говорит не о слабом развитии сельского хозяйства, а о сильном развитии остальных отраслей экономики. Слабые стороны: государственный долг порядка 87,7 % от ВНП намного превышает предельно допустимый в Еврозоне уровень 60 % (данные 2006 года). В некоторых регионах большое число хронических и неквалифицированных безработных.

The producers preferred contractual agreements that allowed them to sell their grass seed to markets of their choice. As independent grass seed traders allowed for seed price negotiation, they were popular amongst the producers and thus handled the most volume of seeds marketed. Бельгия вступила в Европейское экономическое сообщество (ЕЭС) 25 марта 1957 года. Договорная Пятихатки Сегодня 00:51 Витяжка Техника для кухни » Вытяжки 250 грн. Основная статья: Экономика Бельгии Преимущества: один из наиболее значимых производителей металлопродукции и текстиля. Environmental Research Journal 5(1): 11–17.View ArticleGoogle ScholarWong, D. 2005. xWorld forage, turf and legume seed markets.

Figure 8 shows major challenges facing fodder production in the study area. The main fodder production practices in the study area were broadcasting as the main method of sowing grass. Furthermore, Mganga et al. (2015) argue that the choice of grass species adopted by agro-pastoral communities in combating desertification is influenced more by its contribution as a source of forage for livestock than its contribution for rehabilitation purposes. Rarely do these agents sell their bulked seeds to the bulking and processing agents within the Sub-County; rather, they view them as competitors. To the producers, the independent grass seed traders are seasonal market actors. The other farmers who provided ploughing services to fellow farmers charged Kshs. 1,000 to 2,500 per acre (per 0.4 ha). The fodder producers in the study area preferred KVDA’s mode of contract since it allows them to sell their harvested grass seed to markets of their choice. Accessed on 16/05/2015.Wairore, J.N., S.M. Mureithi, O.V. Wasonga, and G. Nyberg. 2015. Benefits derived from rehabilitating a degraded semi‐arid rangeland in private enclosures in West Pokot County.

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